Collaborating to empower and educate. Everything that we have created so far is for people and about people. We are strong believers that the mission for all of us is to improve our quality of life and to build a better world for the generation to come.

We work together for a better tomorrow, while remembering the future is now.


So who are we and what we aim for?

Highly ambitious individuals that are working for a better world with passion and discipline. 

We believe it’s our duty  to build a better world and to invest in Tomorrow’s Generation.

A generation that will see what we cannot see, that will hear what we cannot hear, a generation that will go where only our imagination can go now, the generation of the future. It’s our duty and joy to leave a better world in place and to invest in Tomorrow’s Generation.

The ityes team will be composed of: + ∞ thinkers; 7 artists; 8/r enthusiasts; 150 engineers; 10 inventors.  

Our vision

The future that we want to be part of is YOU:

·  Education


·  Robotics

·  Transportation

·  Video Games

·  Arts and Music through technology.

This is how we see the future […]